Kelvin Color Temperatures

Kelvin degrees are overlaping. 5600K (balanced daylight) can also be made with artificial lights, or be found in other settings.


Degrees Kelvin Description Balance
1700K - 1800K The flame of a match Warmer
1850K - 1930K The flame of a candle Warmer
2000K - 3000K Sun at sunrise or sunset Warmer
2500K - 2900K Household tungsten bulbs Warmer
3000K Tungsten lamp 500W - 1k Warmer
3200K - 3500K Quartz lights Warmer
3200K - 7500K Fluroescent lights Warmer
3275K Tungsten lamp 2k Warmer
3380K Tungsten lamp 5k, 10k Warmer
5000K - 5400K Sun direct at noon Warmer
5500K - 6500K Sun through clouds / haze Warmer
5600K Daylight (sun + sky) Balanced
6000K - 7500K Overcast sky Cooler
6500K RGB monitor white point Cooler
7000K - 8000K Outdoor shaded areas Cooler
8000K - 10000K Partly cloudy sky Cooler

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